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The Springtime of Truth

Emotional suffering is an unpleasant experience. This is a fact of human existence. Birth is painful, death is sorrowful. Who am I, what am I, is constant with the person seeking an everlasting truth. Individual acceptance is masked in the will of habits, desires, greed, envy, pain, birth, death, and needless suffering. If we would find the Great Freedom spoken of so many times by the Great Ones of the past and present, then maybe the perception of suffering is a blessing in disguise.

Out of the shadows of a darkened past, the world is moving into Light and greater Peace. It is Springtime everywhere for the Spiritually Awakened. Upon the horizon of the human mind and heart, inner Peace and Spiritual Illumination dawns, bringing a brighter, kindlier, and more loving Light to all.

Man and woman, being deathless, need no longer live in darkness. The Light and the Springtime of Truth are there to guide all.

Rev. Weston D. Bailey


The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change


Annette Bailey and Light Color Energy Healing™ have relocated to Beautiful British Columbia, Canada! It is cold here. I’ve not been in sub-zero temperatures before. The warmth and love of these people can thaw any circumstance. Weston and I were here tri-yearly for a number of years in the early and mid 2000’s when he founded the Spiritual Awakening Foundation, lectured and facilitated LCEH sessions. I look forward to working with SAF, its members and this community again in person.

For those of you in the USA we have established a toll free line: 1-855-545-5557. The Canadian direct line is 1-778-362-9555. We look forward to helping and healing in the development of your consciousness during this most significant era of this planet’s history from Kamloops!

5 Steps to Spiritual Development

There are a lot of disciplines relative to spiritual development on this planet. The one that I am about to reveal to you is what I would consider and suggest to you as being the most effective, the most efficient, and overall the only way that you should really do it. When you examine the levels of consciousness, these dimensions that exist within you – remember, you are multi-dimensional, you are multi-faceted – it is important that you begin to polish these facets within your nature, looking like a beautiful gemstone that a gemologist or a jeweler has fashioned and polished. All of the facets of the gemstone reflect the light. Your consciousness can be likened unto a gemstone. So, if you were to begin the process of genuine spiritual development in this lifetime, you not only must study into the areas abstractly of metaphysics, parapsychology and the occult, but you must be committed to it for the rest of this lifetime and beyond. This isn’t something where you are going to take a course for three or four weeks or three or four months and get all the information you need. But here is where you start:

  1. You start with your emotional body. Feelings win out over thoughts every time. It is the most powerful part of your consciousness. You must balance the emotional self. That means that you must deal with your past issues emotionally. This process deals directly with that issue. You must find a balance within your emotional body that is peaceful to you – calm, serene, solid, where you can express emotion, not control it. You don’t want to control natural spontaneity. This is, in effect, learning to live in the heart. This is what Jesus taught. This is where he lives – in his heart. Still.
  2. Once you have cleaned up the residues of your past, and you have looked at the emotional residues of these lifetimes that you have carried over, you are then ready to develop the mental self. Developing the mental self is like developing a muscle. If you go to a gymnasium and exercise a muscle over a period of time, you are going to have a very strong, good, workable muscle. Your mind is like a muscle if you treat it like a muscle. You read, but you read things that are quality stuff. You meditate. Develop the ability to hold your mind steady so that it doesn’t wander. One of the techniques that was given to a disciple in the latter part of the last century which was told to me was to get an object that is meaningful to you that you can put in your pocket or purse and carry it with you. Several times each day, take that object out and put your mind on that object and concentrate on it. Try to hold your mind steady on that object and when you find it wandering, bring your mind back to it. Each time that you do this little technique you are strengthening your ability to hold your concentration for longer periods of time. Now, concentration is not necessarily meditation because meditation goes beyond the ability to concentrate. But in order to get control of your mind, you have to be able to hold it steady. You have to be able to put it on one particular object or one particular thing and hold it there so that nothing can shake it.
  3. Once you have developed the ability to concentrate and you have cleaned your emotional house, then you want to get these two vehicles functioning together. You want to figure out what feelings trigger what thoughts and what thoughts trigger what feelings so that you can harmonize the functioning of the emotional and mental self. You want them in harmony with each other because this, basically, is where the wars are – between the mental and the emotional self.
  4. Once you find harmony between your mental and emotional self, you are then prepared to open to transcendental experience. And these two other steps must be simultaneous. You must begin to examine what is transcendental experience. Transcendental experience is anything beyond that which is your physical senses. You have the capacity to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. But in the process of opening the perceptive doors, you must understand and recognize that transcendental experience is the key to your freedom, if it is done responsibly. This means you must begin to study the transcendental glands and organs of your body. You must understand the functioning of the glands and organs of your body and you must begin to understand what it is that stimulates the functioning of these glands and organs in your body, especially the transcendental glands and organs, which are from the waist up. In that process, you are going to be stimulated with a lot of sensitivity. We are not talking about just a few months here. It might be a year, two or three. For some it might be ten years, and it might be a lifetime for some others.
  5. Once that is done then you are prepared to open to spirit and soul consciousness.

Those are the five steps:

  • Balance the emotional body
  • Develop the mental self
  • Harmonize the emotional and mental bodies
  • Examine the transcendental experience and the physical glands and organs
  • Open to spirit and soul consciousness

LCEH Sessions Continue

Since the transition of Rev. Weston D. Bailey from his physical body in the change of worlds to the spiritual dimensions, we have had many requests for sessions. As of August 1st sessions will resume being scheduled.

The vast majority of Weston’s focus in this lifetime had been with the question, “What really happens to you when you die?” His statement to those in grief would be, “There is no death – no one has ever died. Rather, they have passed into a more refined, important world of Being…The Spirits of humankind, retaining their mental and soul attributes, as well as their individuality, pass on to live in homes or mansions suited to their various spiritual conditions. Such indeed is the conviction of modern researchers and learned people throughout the world. Furthermore, it is now a well established fact that the so-called dead can and do, under proper conditions, communicate with those who still remain in flesh bodies.”

In this awareness of Truth, Weston will continue in the unfoldment of our Spirit’s development within the help and hope of Light Color Energy Healing, his life’s work, and with the highly developed clairvoyance of his beloved wife, Annette.

Rev. Weston D. Bailey – In Memoriam of a Divine Peace Filled Consciousness

wesIt is with full hearts and minds that we share with you the passing of our beloved Rev. Weston Dale Bailey on June 20, 2016.

Weston was born July 5, 1936 in Blackfoot, Idaho. He grew up in Burley, Idaho. Beginning in his late teens he served as a hospital administrator and nurse in the Air Force during the Korean War. Upon honorable discharge, he attended Boise State University. During his early years Weston became an avid golfer and pool player stating that, “All the laws of physics exist on a pool table.”

The question, “What really happens to you when you die?” led Weston into an in-depth study of metaphysics and parapsychology. Thus began his ministry worldwide. Rev. Bailey has lectured, researched, and studied in South America, Canada, and throughout the United States, including Alaska and 11 years in Hawaii. In South Africa in the early 1970s he was permitted by the South African government to speak before the native population in Soweto. While in Mexico in 1978 he was invited into the presidential palace to teach. He also lectured in the Bahamas at the invitation of the President of the Senate of the Bahamian government. Since moving to California, Rev. Bailey developed a successful practice in Light Color Energy Healing™. He also served as a faculty member at the Rowe Institute of Integrated Studies. He is the founder of the Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing and the Spiritual Awakening Foundation in Canada. He published on Valentine’s Day, his guidebook on the most important subjects of metaphysics, parapsychology, religion and the evolution of the human spirit – “A Profile of Human Potential.”

He is survived in the outer physical world by his devoted colleague and wife Annette, two sons – Tod Bailey, and Michael David Smith who is blessed with four children and ten grandchildren, a sister Ruby Simonis, and by many sincere seekers and students of the Truth throughout the world.

His heart is always pure and his mind is always clear. His strength is continuously demonstrated in adherence to the Highest Principles of Goodness, Justice, Beauty, Truth and Love. Two of his last statements were, “Is it not always about helping?” and “Go forth and be happy!”

To our Dearest and Most True Friend, we have and will continue to be touched by your Master Hand and are Eternally grateful.

The Board Members of the Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing;

Annette Bailey, Katherine Fleming, Judith Martin, Nevio Beltrame

The Board Members of the Spiritual Awakening Foundation;

Lillian Kwan, Judy Smith, Dina Bruno, Bernard Ivanco, Annette Bailey

In dedication to the perpetuation of the teachings of the Ascended Master’s and Rev. Weston D. Bailey donations can be made to A Golden Star Memorial Fund.

Light Color Energy Healing

Most everyone is seeking healing. The world may be unhealthier now than ever in its history. New diseases are surfacing frequently that allopathic medicine has few answers for. Technically, healing is to “restore to or regain health or soundness.” I believe we can agree that the physical self is not the only level that may be in need of healing. We have an emotional self, a mental self and beyond. The majority of physical illness may be rooted in “dis-ease” within other dimensions of self.

Here we wish to offer a vista into the world of healing often overlooked and regrettably withheld from our awareness and study. In these respects religion has not been a friend to humanity. The priesthood has taken upon itself to alter the content of scriptures and meaning of words. This is a documented fact. Magi came to mean sorcerer. Witch was substituted for medium. Any reference to reincarnation was removed from both the old and new testaments. It became forbidden and even punishable by gruesome torture and death to use herbs, lay on hands, and exercise one’s faculties to observe or study anything beyond the physical world, especially if that study would lead to any form of healing independent of the priesthood.

The physical body is precious in that it is home to us while in a physical existence. Our experience can be limited or expanded by our physical condition. How we care for this home and our understanding of it provides a foundation upon which our future depends. Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are simply an attempt to recreate and patent what nature has already provided. The side effects can be numerous and often tragic, not just personally but also on the environment through water systems. Our desire is to introduce and expand knowledge of alternative forms of healing, long held to be the medicines of the ages – from essential oils of ancient Egypt to the extended sense of clairvoyance.

Happiness for all is the ultimate attainment. Emotions have the power to affect our activities and well being. “Emotions will win out over thoughts every time.” Happiness is actually a willed experience. Every lifetime is to learn something – something not learned in previous experiences. The “residues” from the past can build up in our internal nature to create unhappiness and unhealthiness. Accessing these residues in their various forms and releasing them appropriately can lead to the greatest peace conceivable. This is encompassed in Rev. Weston Bailey’s life’s work – Light Color Energy Healing.

As we seek healing for the mind we begin to realize the power of thought. The mind is separate and distinct from the body and brain though functions through them. Thoughts are things. What we think influences who we are and our experiences. Prayer can be considered a powerful thought form. As we begin to acknowledge this reality the responsibility and opportunity to affect our own healing become fundamental. What is your mind filled with?

As we heal and harmonize these dimensions, we can experience an unfoldment of life, an expansion and a future never before imaginable. This is our wish and desire for each of you!


Cover_Bailey_Profile_16.867x10.5_1-12-16_FRONT COVER only

Change is such a small word, yet its application to our lives has enormous implications. My perception, after more than forty years of study and research in the areas of spiritual science and healing, reveals to me that there are many changes in your life that must occur if you are to improve the quality of your life and the culture you live in.

You may have to change your attitudes. You may have to change your beliefs. You may have to make many changes to improve your life and the attendant conditions. I urge you towards these changes and I suggest you seek help of a different kind than previously available.

Change is the only permanent thing that you, in your present state, can realize. Suspended as you are between two mysteries, the mystery of birth and the mystery of death, it behooves you to examine these mysteries more closely, both spiritually and scientifically.

The pains, the problems, and most of the dis-eases of humankind come from the past. Your willingness to examine this issue carefully will offer you some wonderful changes in your life; a degree of happiness, a state of health, hope where there has been none, and help where others have given up.

You are about to embark upon a study that is the most exciting adventure anyone can undertake — a study that will help you to understand yourself, your experiences, and your relationship to the environment and cosmic scene in which you find yourself.

For your copy click on the link: A Profile of Human Potential