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Light Color Energy Healing


We at the Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing (FSSH USA) http://www.fssh.org are celebrating the life of Rev. Weston D. Bailey our Founder. We are honoring Weston’s development of Light Color Energy Healing (LCEH) with a special rate of $150 per session through the end of July.
LCEH: An Advanced Healing Process Addressing the Deeper Issues of the Human Spirit. Utilizing Annette Bailey’s highly developed clairvoyance, this can include, but is not limited to, past lives and spirit releasement. 1-877-711-2358


wes pipeWe are profoundly blessed in our spiritual unfoldment to have over 30 years of teachings and lectures on metaphysics and parapsychology subjects by Rev. Weston D. Bailey. The majority were recorded onto tapes. We have begun the process of converting these onto CDs with editing and sound upgrades. We recently started a series on Meditation that includes:
Meditation Part I & II – The Key to Spiritual Growth
An Exercise in Relaxation – The Power of Suggestion and Guided Meditation
Three Forms of Meditation – Relaxation, Concentration and Color
These are now available for purchase at www.fssh.org. Please contact me at 1-877-711-2358 for more information.

Loving in the New Year



Advancing hope where there has been none and help where others have given up.”

I once asked Weston what the most meaningful phrase was to him. Upon reflection he said, “LOVE THYSELF AND YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE ALL OTHERS.” The self-esteem issue has affected the majority of individuals on this planet. Who am I? What am I doing here? are questions in the forefront of many people’s minds. In order to feel acceptance from others, most of us have focused on our physical appearance and health. Many of our discomforts and dis-eases come from the past, eventually causing disease. A significant amount of those affecting our cultures have no known medical cause or cure. Extended Sense Perception, often called a “sixth sense” can give us insight into these areas, opening the door to greater health and happiness.

Annette was introduced to LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ in July of 2000. Attending one of Weston’s seminars, it became evident to her that this work was what could help in her own healing process from stage 4 cancer. She immediately came to Sacramento to learn more about LCEH. Her profound clairvoyant abilities began to be developed and the cancer has never returned.

Introductory Transcendental Consultation 1 hr. $100

Do you have a loved one that a gift of healing may benefit? Clairvoyant and spiritual guidance examining the past and present to identify and release emotional, mental and spiritual residues affecting well-being. Contact us for a gift certificate.

www.fssh.org 1-877-711-2358

The Springtime of Truth

Emotional suffering is an unpleasant experience. This is a fact of human existence. Birth is painful, death is sorrowful. Who am I, what am I, is constant with the person seeking an everlasting truth. Individual acceptance is masked in the will of habits, desires, greed, envy, pain, birth, death, and needless suffering. If we would find the Great Freedom spoken of so many times by the Great Ones of the past and present, then maybe the perception of suffering is a blessing in disguise.

Out of the shadows of a darkened past, the world is moving into Light and greater Peace. It is Springtime everywhere for the Spiritually Awakened. Upon the horizon of the human mind and heart, inner Peace and Spiritual Illumination dawns, bringing a brighter, kindlier, and more loving Light to all.

Man and woman, being deathless, need no longer live in darkness. The Light and the Springtime of Truth are there to guide all.

Rev. Weston D. Bailey

The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change


Annette Bailey and Light Color Energy Healing™ have relocated to Beautiful British Columbia, Canada!  Weston and I were here tri-yearly for a number of years in the early and mid 2000’s when he founded the Spiritual Awakening Foundation, lectured and facilitated LCEH sessions. I look forward to working with SAF, its members and this community again in person.

For those of you in the USA we have established a toll free line: 1-855-545-5557. The Canadian direct line is 1-778-362-9555. We look forward to helping and healing in the development of your consciousness during this most significant era of this planet’s history from Kamloops!

LCEH Sessions Continue

Since the transition of Rev. Weston D. Bailey from his physical body in the change of worlds to the spiritual dimensions, we have had many requests for sessions. As of August 1st sessions will resume being scheduled.

The vast majority of Weston’s focus in this lifetime had been with the question, “What really happens to you when you die?” His statement to those in grief would be, “There is no death – no one has ever died. Rather, they have passed into a more refined, important world of Being…The Spirits of humankind, retaining their mental and soul attributes, as well as their individuality, pass on to live in homes or mansions suited to their various spiritual conditions. Such indeed is the conviction of modern researchers and learned people throughout the world. Furthermore, it is now a well established fact that the so-called dead can and do, under proper conditions, communicate with those who still remain in flesh bodies.”

In this awareness of Truth, Weston will continue in the unfoldment of our Spirit’s development within the help and hope of Light Color Energy Healing, his life’s work, and with the highly developed clairvoyance of his beloved wife, Annette.

Rev. Weston D. Bailey – In Memoriam of a Divine Peace Filled Consciousness

wesIt is with full hearts and minds that we share with you the passing of our beloved Rev. Weston Dale Bailey on June 20, 2016.

Weston was born July 5, 1936 in Blackfoot, Idaho. He grew up in Burley, Idaho. Beginning in his late teens he served as a hospital administrator and nurse in the Air Force during the Korean War. Upon honorable discharge, he attended Boise State University. During his early years Weston became an avid golfer and pool player stating that, “All the laws of physics exist on a pool table.”

The question, “What really happens to you when you die?” led Weston into an in-depth study of metaphysics and parapsychology. Thus began his ministry worldwide. Rev. Bailey has lectured, researched, and studied in South America, Canada, and throughout the United States, including Alaska and 11 years in Hawaii. In South Africa in the early 1970s he was permitted by the South African government to speak before the native population in Soweto. While in Mexico in 1978 he was invited into the presidential palace to teach. He also lectured in the Bahamas at the invitation of the President of the Senate of the Bahamian government. Since moving to California, Rev. Bailey developed a successful practice in Light Color Energy Healing™. He also served as a faculty member at the Rowe Institute of Integrated Studies. He is the founder of the Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing and the Spiritual Awakening Foundation in Canada. He published on Valentine’s Day, his guidebook on the most important subjects of metaphysics, parapsychology, religion and the evolution of the human spirit – “A Profile of Human Potential.”

He is survived in the outer physical world by his devoted colleague and wife Annette, two sons – Tod Bailey, and Michael David Smith who is blessed with four children and ten grandchildren, a sister Ruby Simonis, and by many sincere seekers and students of the Truth throughout the world.

His heart is always pure and his mind is always clear. His strength is continuously demonstrated in adherence to the Highest Principles of Goodness, Justice, Beauty, Truth and Love. Two of his last statements were, “Is it not always about helping?” and “Go forth and be happy!”

To our Dearest and Most True Friend, we have and will continue to be touched by your Master Hand and are Eternally grateful.

The Board Members of the Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing;

Annette Bailey, Katherine Fleming, Judith Martin, Nevio Beltrame

In dedication to the perpetuation of the teachings of the Ascended Master’s and Rev. Weston D. Bailey donations can be made to A Golden Star Memorial Fund.