Spiritual Science & Healing

Ancient Teachings – Contemporary Understanding & Applications

Crystals – Their Use and Influence

The mineral kingdom has been utilized for physical adornment and spiritual practices for centuries, in every civilization on the planet – from Ancient Egypt to the Breastplate of the Old Testament Bible to the New Age movement of modern times. Is the shape and cut of a gemstone of any significance? What healing properties do minerals have? How does one access or utilize these properties? This class on Nov. 20th will be given by Michael Bove, medium and healer for over 40 years and previous student of Weston Bailey. Contact us for more information.

A Profile of Human Potential by Rev. Weston Bailey

The Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing (FSSH) has just updated its website. With the update, Rev. Weston Bailey’s book A Profile of Human Potential is now in its second printing and available for order.

A gateway book for those who want to delve into their parapsychological, spiritual self.”

I.K. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In Devotion to your Highest Awakening and Deepest Healing,

Annette Bailey

The Power of Affirmation and Your Spiritual Growth

Every thought you have has the power to affect yourself and those around you, both positively and negatively. To take it a step further, what you affirm, you become. Thoughts are things. Your thoughts are also a reflection of your spiritual self. Join us for an exploration of techniques for maintaining a mindset that is an enhancement to your spirit and soul.

An Introduction to Meditation

Do you have a meditation practice already? You do! You are always meditating on something. All life is meditation. What do you meditate on? How should you meditate? Meditation is one of the most important exercises we can do. Join us for an exploration of concepts that you can develop a technique that is unique to yourself.

From STRESS to Your BEST

Predominant in the lives of almost everyone is stress. Studies have shown that stress can have a negative impact on our physical well-being. Becoming better balanced in our spiritual, emotional and mental natures each and every day can set you on a path of greater health and happiness. This class examines several keys to achieve success by addressing stress!


The endocrine system is made up of a network of glands, affecting hormone balance, body temperature, light assimilation and more. They can be affected by nutrition and emotions. Join us for an exploration of the interaction between the members of this family and what you can do to promote their health and vitality.

Red and the Love Relationship

The color red is often associated with matters of the heart – physically or emotionally. It is connected with the concept of love for significant others. Join us for an in-depth study of red and applications for upliftment into more love and harmony in yourself and your relationships.

Light Color Class

We all have favorite colors that show in the clothing we wear or our interior decorating schemes. What do they mean? Can they be applied for healing or the enhancement of our well-being? Absolutely!
Join us for an in-depth analysis of the properties and applications of specific colors, how to visualize Light Color Energy, and the use of intent to direct that energy for healing.

Call 877-711-2358 for more information or email wdbailey@fssh.org.

World Heart Meditations


We are postponing the upcoming MEDITATION & COLOR series and will keep you posted on the reschedule date. Foundation for Spiritual Science & Healing with LightColorEnergyHealing are now opening Tuesday’s at 5pm PST beginning April 7th to Meditations and Affirmations for Healing and Upliftment, for self, family and friends and the world. The donation is your presence.
The platform is Zoom. Call 1-877-711-2358 or email wdbailey@fssh.org for the code.

“If the world souls in the sea of life of earth were to take an hour of meditation each day there will be an expansive movement toward the Utopia mankind has dreamed of for so many centuries.” M.E.
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meditation series

With the recent world crisis we have decided to make changes to the upcoming MEDITATION & COLOR series. Many of you may be feeling stressed, fearful or lonely. Meditation is one of the most significant things we can do!
We are moving from in-person seminars to virtual classes which opens availability for more participants.
We are dividing the series into weekly one hour segments beginning April 6th at 5pm PST. We will hold an introductory meeting on Tuesday March 31st at 5pm.
The series platform will be Zoom – a free and simple download.
Series fees will now be on a donation basis to the non-profit Foundation for Spiritual Science and Healing in the US (www.fssh.org).
Contact me through the link if you wish to participate and receive your code!