Metaphysics & Parapsychology

by Vuyani

Part I

 These two words are going to become very important to you in your future, regardless of what route or what direction you take.  The term metaphysics was created by Aristotle.  It is to describe or define that we are multidimensional and multifaceted within our nature – beyond the physical. It is a definition of the various dimensions and facets of one’s being. Parapsychology is the umbrella of scientific study of everything that has heretofore been considered paranormal. It has been associated with the psychic consciousness, PSI, telekinesis, and all the various aspects of telepathy.

How would we fit these two together? Metaphysics defines to us the dimensions of being and parapsychology is the response or reaction to environment and/or interaction on these dimensional levels. We will define what the dimensions are, and then we will examine how the responses to experience, to environment and to interaction within these dimensions are parapsychological.

A study of these matters for the past 150 years has been so fragmented that trying to pull all of this together and make sense of it hasn’t worked. At least I haven’t found anything that has been crystallized and put into form relative to these two subjects most important to human existence. It is my considered opinion that a study, a responsible study, of metaphysics and parapsychology will reveal to you…yourself. And it will reveal to you how to function in the environment in which you find yourself.