Light Color Energy Healing

by Vuyani

Most everyone is seeking healing. The world may be unhealthier now than ever in its history. New diseases are surfacing frequently that allopathic medicine has few answers for. Technically, healing is to “restore to or regain health or soundness.” I believe we can agree that the physical self is not the only level that may be in need of healing. We have an emotional self, a mental self and beyond. The majority of physical illness may be rooted in “dis-ease” within other dimensions of self.

Here we wish to offer a vista into the world of healing often overlooked and regrettably withheld from our awareness and study. In these respects religion has not been a friend to humanity. The priesthood has taken upon itself to alter the content of scriptures and meaning of words. This is a documented fact. Magi came to mean sorcerer. Witch was substituted for medium. Any reference to reincarnation was removed from both the old and new testaments. It became forbidden and even punishable by gruesome torture and death to use herbs, lay on hands, and exercise one’s faculties to observe or study anything beyond the physical world, especially if that study would lead to any form of healing independent of the priesthood.

The physical body is precious in that it is home to us while in a physical existence. Our experience can be limited or expanded by our physical condition. How we care for this home and our understanding of it provides a foundation upon which our future depends. Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are simply an attempt to recreate and patent what nature has already provided. The side effects can be numerous and often tragic, not just personally but also on the environment through water systems. Our desire is to introduce and expand knowledge of alternative forms of healing, long held to be the medicines of the ages – from essential oils of ancient Egypt to the extended sense of clairvoyance.

Happiness for all is the ultimate attainment. Emotions have the power to affect our activities and well being. “Emotions will win out over thoughts every time.” Happiness is actually a willed experience. Every lifetime is to learn something – something not learned in previous experiences. The “residues” from the past can build up in our internal nature to create unhappiness and unhealthiness. Accessing these residues in their various forms and releasing them appropriately can lead to the greatest peace conceivable. This is encompassed in Rev. Weston Bailey’s life’s work – Light Color Energy Healing.

As we seek healing for the mind we begin to realize the power of thought. The mind is separate and distinct from the body and brain though functions through them. Thoughts are things. What we think influences who we are and our experiences. Prayer can be considered a powerful thought form. As we begin to acknowledge this reality the responsibility and opportunity to affect our own healing become fundamental. What is your mind filled with?

As we heal and harmonize these dimensions, we can experience an unfoldment of life, an expansion and a future never before imaginable. This is our wish and desire for each of you!