LCEH Sessions Continue

by Vuyani

Since the transition of Rev. Weston D. Bailey from his physical body in the change of worlds to the spiritual dimensions, we have had many requests for sessions. As of August 1st sessions will resume being scheduled.

The vast majority of Weston’s focus in this lifetime had been with the question, “What really happens to you when you die?” His statement to those in grief would be, “There is no death – no one has ever died. Rather, they have passed into a more refined, important world of Being…The Spirits of humankind, retaining their mental and soul attributes, as well as their individuality, pass on to live in homes or mansions suited to their various spiritual conditions. Such indeed is the conviction of modern researchers and learned people throughout the world. Furthermore, it is now a well established fact that the so-called dead can and do, under proper conditions, communicate with those who still remain in flesh bodies.”

In this awareness of Truth, Weston will continue in the unfoldment of our Spirit’s development within the help and hope of Light Color Energy Healing, his life’s work, and with the highly developed clairvoyance of his beloved wife, Annette.