The Springtime of Truth

by Vuyani

Emotional suffering is an unpleasant experience. This is a fact of human existence. Birth is painful, death is sorrowful. Who am I, what am I, is constant with the person seeking an everlasting truth. Individual acceptance is masked in the will of habits, desires, greed, envy, pain, birth, death, and needless suffering. If we would find the Great Freedom spoken of so many times by the Great Ones of the past and present, then maybe the perception of suffering is a blessing in disguise.

Out of the shadows of a darkened past, the world is moving into Light and greater Peace. It is Springtime everywhere for the Spiritually Awakened. Upon the horizon of the human mind and heart, inner Peace and Spiritual Illumination dawns, bringing a brighter, kindlier, and more loving Light to all.

Man and woman, being deathless, need no longer live in darkness. The Light and the Springtime of Truth are there to guide all.

Rev. Weston D. Bailey