Loving in the New Year

by Vuyani



Advancing hope where there has been none and help where others have given up.”

I once asked Weston what the most meaningful phrase was to him. Upon reflection he said, “LOVE THYSELF AND YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE ALL OTHERS.” The self-esteem issue has affected the majority of individuals on this planet. Who am I? What am I doing here? are questions in the forefront of many people’s minds. In order to feel acceptance from others, most of us have focused on our physical appearance and health. Many of our discomforts and dis-eases come from the past, eventually causing disease. A significant amount of those affecting our cultures have no known medical cause or cure. Extended Sense Perception, often called a “sixth sense” can give us insight into these areas, opening the door to greater health and happiness.

Annette was introduced to LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ in July of 2000. Attending one of Weston’s seminars, it became evident to her that this work was what could help in her own healing process from stage 4 cancer. She immediately came to Sacramento to learn more about LCEH. Her profound clairvoyant abilities began to be developed and the cancer has never returned.

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